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GoWomania Goa

An Initiative by a group of women entrepreneurs to provide a social platform encourage, guide & build a support system for aspiring women entrepreneurs. This platform can into existence to build skill sets in women in order to explore entrepreneurship opportunities by building skill sets as well as a strong motivated mind set.


Rafina (Siya Shaikh) -
The Founder

About Founder, Siya Shaikh : TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Motivator and Founder of GoWomania, WEBN and GoenKart. Siya started her career as a civil engineer and later moved to Pune to pursue her career. She is a social entrepreneur who has created a great impact on Women Entrepreneurs in Goa, helping them start, and grow their businesses. She also runs Goa Metal Composites which is into manufacturing of fibre doors and allied products.10 years of Marketing and networking experience has helped her to achieve her Goal of ‘Empowering Women’. She is best described as a passion-driven person whose mission to support start-up Goan women entrepreneurs has led to her create a powerful platform that will serve as a milestone for Women Entrepreneurship in the State.

  • To empower every Goan woman to achieve her dreams & be financially independent
  • To ensure that a strong support system is available to Goan women entrepreneurs
  • To make Goa an example of powerful collaborative effort towards empowering women
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Our Road Ahead

While we have had a successful journey of growing the platform from 50 women to 10000+
in a relatively short span of 3 years, our future plans include the following
  • Launch an App with very interesting features to Give global opportunities for our Goan entrepreneurs
  • Create a directory which serves as a Easy Guide for buyers who are looking to contact various sellers in the same category. for eg. suppliers of handmade soaps.
  • Develop a strong community
  • Create a strong network of Mentors who provide one-on-one coaching,
    online tutorials, ready templates, easy learning modules on topics from finances, to mental health to negotiation skills to exports.
  • Create a dedicated team with the sole objective of promoting & publicising the women & their products & services on national & international platforms and online marketplaces thus giving them a bigger & wider reach

GoWomania Senior Core Team

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Madhumathi Devi

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Kusha Nayak

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Jasmine D'Souza

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Moksha kotian

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Naznin khan

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Rasika Parrikar

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Ranjana Agarwal

GoWomania Volunteers

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Priya shetiya

Post approval moderator

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Purva sadhale

Post approval moderator

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Dviti H Bhalla

 Verified seller moderator

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Hina kunji

 New member approval moderator

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Samiksha Powar

 Event moderator