About Us

Established in 2017 by founder Siya Shaikh, today the platform has current membership base of 10,000+ members online, and more than 400 women offline that interact to build a strong community to sustain their businesses. Ir is a not-for- profit organisation, and membership is free.


GoWomania Goa

An Initiative by a group of women entrepreneurs to provide a social platform encourage, guide & build a support system for aspiring women entrepreneurs. This platform can into existence to build skill sets in women in order to explore entrepreneurship opportunities by building skill sets as well as a strong motivated mind set.

With a simple buy-sell model, the platform provides easy access to buyers to purchase home-crafted, handmade, eco friendly, and other such products as well as services while providing an impactful online (and on-ground) marketplace for sellers (Goan women entrepreneurs) to grow their visibility & reach.



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The Founder

Siya Shaikh is a Civil Engineer by profession and Social Entrepreneur by Passion. 10 years of Marketing and networking experience has helped her to achieve her Goal of ‘Empowering Women’. Currently running a firm called ‘Goa Metal Composites’ which deals with Manufacturing of Fibre Doors and Allied products. She is best described as a passion-driven person whose mission to support start-up Goan women entrepreneurs has led to her create a powerful platform that will serve as a milestone for Women Entrepreneurship in the State.

  • To empower every Goan woman to achieve her dreams & be financially independent
  • To ensure that a strong support system is available to Goan women entrepreneurs
  • To make Goa an example of powerful collaborative effort towards empowering women
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Our Road Ahead

While we have had a successful journey of growing the platform from 50 women to 10000+
in a relatively short span of 3 years, our future plans include the following
  • Launch an App with very interesting features to Give global opportunities for our Goan entrepreneurs
  • Create a directory which serves as a Easy Guide for buyers who are looking to contact various sellers in the same category. for eg. suppliers of handmade soaps.
  • Develop a strong community
  • Create a strong network of Mentors who provide one-on-one coaching,
    online tutorials, ready templates, easy learning modules on topics from finances, to mental health to negotiation skills to exports.
  • Create a dedicated team with the sole objective of promoting & publicising the women & their products & services on national & international platforms and online marketplaces thus giving them a bigger & wider reach

Our Team


Madhumathi Devi

Director of Bachpan play school


Moksha Kotian

CS (company secretary )


Sana Tariq Mohammad

Owner, Taraash beauty and hair salon


Ranjana Gupta Agarwal