1.) What is the story behind your business (how did the business come about?)
A: I’m big time Foodie. Literally we tried all famous restaurants big/small in Goa cz of Love for Food.
My hubby is crazy for Sweets & that made me Experiment more in my kitchen. He’s die hard fan of Mysore Paak.. one which melts in the mouth… & yes after trials & errors I made it & now it’s A Best Seller & Signature of DELICIOUS DELIGHTS.
Delicious Delights serves eclectic range of FRESH INDIAN TRADITIONAL MITHAI/SWEETS.
I realized that Indian mithai had lost its Authenticity & Place in traditions.. instead of this people started opting for Western Sweets that’s when I worked on this idea & decided to launch a Assorted Range of Authentic Sweets which is FRESH, PURE, HEALTHY & thoroughly HANDCRAFTED which comes in Handmade Biodegradable Packaging.

2.) What services/products does your business provide?
A: Nowadays people are getting more & more busy & Health Cautious & they don’t have time to make Sweets or Snacks.. wherein they look for Organic Homemade Stuff.. so when they place order a day prior they know that they’ll be getting it fresh..
We cater right from 250gms & even take orders for Wedding, Birthday etc.
There’s takeaway & home delivery services too.

3.) How do you market your products/services?
A: We market via social media platforms & ofcrse our product itself speaks for us, we thoroughly believe word of mouth publicity is doing great wonders.

4.) What strategies have proven successful for your business since you started?
A: There were no specific strategies as such, I completely focused on maintaining quality & keeping it organic as much I can.

5.) What has been your biggest business challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
A: I’m post graduate & was working with HYATT group of hotels, cz of some personal problems when I left the job & started DDG there were no much support from my near ones, but slowly when DDG became a brand & it started highlighting in public the same people started encouraging.
So, yes I completely believe in working hard & giving 10000% in whatever I do. Success will definitely follow.

6.) What are some of your favourite business tools (technical or otherrise) that have helped with managing your business?
A: Thanks to social media platforms.

7.) What important lesson have you learned from your business journey that you would like to share with our private community?
A: There will be many hurdles when you are starting something new but just overcome all of that while focusing on your job, have complete faith in you & success will automatically follow.
For me without such challenges there’s no motivation for doing something new.

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