Dhirta Rikhye

“With over 15 years of experience in fashion, jewellery & accessory design.
Dhirta is the Founder, Creative director & head designer for LoveChange™ – a sustainable luxury fashion brand. Sustainable clothing and slow fashion are the key concepts when designing her collections. Hand spun, handwoven fabrics & natural dyes being at the core of the brand- the team’s focus is to create pieces that resonate with the conscious consumer.
And while the many roles she has to essay are a challenging task, her inherent abilities of leading by example and creative thinking—combined with her determination to contribute both towards conscious capitalism & conscious consumerism have resulted in the success of the brand.”

About the Brand

“LoveChange™ prides itself in working with organic, ethically sourced, and exotic hand-woven fabrics dyed using natural-herbal dyes. Our transparent supply chain ethos ensures that sustainability and eco-consciousness are interwoven into the sourcing, design and development of each hand-made piece.
By staying involved in the sourcing of all our materials, we also enjoy, as often as possible, direct interaction with the hand weavers and handcrafters who create our fabrics. The hand-woven fabrics are woven in Indian villages on traditional handlooms by traditional Indian artisans, who are employed by like-minded business partners that adhere to our values of fair pay, clean and safe working conditions and ethical employment.

Our tailoring partners comprise primarily of small family units mostly set up in their own homes or small family-owned tailoring shops close to where they live. These teams work on their own time, in a comfortable and sustainable system that they have followed for generations. We at LoveChange™ promote these families so that neither are they forced to look for work away from their homes nor are they compelled to migrate to large cities with abysmal working conditions. We pride ourselves in creating opportunities for families to stay together as they earn their livelihood with pride and dignity.”

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