Manasvee Suraj Bordekar


Manasvee Suraj Bordekar Sr.Biomedical Engineer by profession, always wanted to be independent and run some business of own developed interest in Goan traditional farsan and authentic Goan Garam masala thought of excelling in the same field ahead.

About The Brand

Enterprise Name: Shree Food Products
Entity name: Manasvee Suraj Bordekar

Products: Goan garam masala, coconut barfi with and without dryfruit, besan ladoos,moong ladoos,rava ladoos, chakli, variety of chivda, shev and other farsan and spices.

Year of establishment:  April 2020

Shree Food Products based in Vasco Goa was established in April 2022 by Mrs Manasvee Suraj Bordekar, 30. The venture is in the manufacturing and sale of Goan garam masala, coconut barfi, pure ghee ladoos, chivda, shev, Goan gavati peda etc. Also making customized gift hampers with traditional faral during chaturthi and Diwali with great success.

Now working on for future upgrade of the business at retail in Goa and outside state and vision of spreading Goan traditional delicacy world-wide.


Emerging entrepreneur category Award by Gowomania Goa

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