Mayuri Signapurkar

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The questions are as follows:


What is the story behind your business (how did the business come about?)
By degree I’m a event manager (post graduate)
And I have been into crafts and art since 10yrs when we had no access to media much. And only few frnds and family knew than I make few thgs like jewelry. Yes I started from paper quilling jewelry with my best frnd and started with pop up markets and I had a great response. Eventually I had no time coz of my events profession and I was working for ESG PANAJI had to keep things in hold but would make few thgs when ever I would be free.. after I lost my job I than put myself completely into crafts and art.. today I’m here. !!!

. What services/products does your business provide?
Puttul’s craft is into handcrafted items, whic basically helps in beautifying your home with beautiful art work. Things made by me are of great use and last long for years. I’m into making wooden furniture beautification with paints and other medium of paints. Your ask me anythg and il make it for u.. u give me any old things and il make it new for you. It may be a keychain, tray,mug, table,chair,stool,tool box, jewelry box,pouches, clocks,wall decor hanging, dreamcatcher, penstands, dining Mats, shoes,bottles, and many many many more things.
I also make wedding accessories which include shagun naryal, platters, brooches, fans, sugar cones, stone grinder etc.

. I market my products through all possible media platforms, exhibition, reference etc

. What strategies have proven successful for your business since you started?
1st plan your investment may it be small or big and recovery is very important. Only if u recover u will be able to invest in again. 2ndly participate and speak and introduce your business to people.share what u do eventually out of those 100people 10 will be your client. And other 20 will refer name to someone else.

What has been your biggest business challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
Omg this was the time when corona hit us an I had got an order for beautifying the house interior with my craft work. Der was a deadline coz of house warming. And I had in mind that I have to deliver everythg bfr the date. I booked all my material and in somedays I get to know my parcel is block somewhere coz of lockdown..after 1month I recvd my parcel and I had very few days left. Stressed and angry (on corona😀)
My 1st challenge was giving the big wall mirror panel about 7feet hieght. I have worked for it day and night and yes it was ready to be out up. The most important part of their home. Rest was understood by the client that we all had a big time with corona lockdown.

What are some of your favourite business tools (technical or otherrise) that have helped with managing your business?
hot air dryer. This is tool is my heartbeat. It saves lot of time. I can make a jewelry box in a day time. Without that it takes 2/3 days with drfnt technics used on it.

What important lesson have you learned from your business journey that you would like to share with our private community?
Donnot give on credit and do not deliver your product for free until it’s very urgent and necessary.

This is all I would like to say.
Thanks you

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