Nidhi Sanke

-My dream in life was clear , Dance was the passion for me ! The art which I acquired since my childhood and wanted to pass it on to many more in the near future… I had started giving classes to my students when i was a teen and by far now it’s just a wonderful journey!

  • I provide , Certification coaching in classical accredited to bal Gandharva and also other dance forms like semiclassical, bollywood.
    Even I Provide all accessories kit( ghungroo,dress etc) on rent basis .
  • I market my service by
    Digital advertisement and majorly through word of mouth , as a good teacher always makes a positive impact on their students and Students in return suggest their teachers to many more people in their locality.

-Frankly speaking if your passion is your job then sky is the limit. Its just sticking to the basics, which I learnt from my Guru.
Primary aim is knowledge transfer and the rest follows , Only hard work is the Key to succeed in life!

-Biggest challenge was to make a Startup for my coaching classes , for which I needed a place ( studio/ hall).

-My family has been a very strong support system where they encouraged me to conduct classes at home itself initally, after which when the number of students increased then through the contacts I managed to expand by conducting classes at multiple locations ( donapaula, Panjim, porvorim)

-Most important thing is upgrading …
whatever is the situation move on and never give up , always stay up with positive vibes and staying dedicated towards your work

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