Samantha Pereira


What is the story behind your business (how did the business come about?)

-I am self taught cake artist & my journey towards baking started out as a hobby when i started trying out different recipes , baking cookies and cupcakes. My first product that I vividly remember were chocolate-mint cookies, which i distributed to family,friends and neighbours.The feedback received was extremely encouraging and further pushed me to sell these amazing cookies.
The next item that motivated me further was after baking my birthday cake – it was a rich chocolate cake loaded with strawberries and since then there was no looking back.
I baked a couple of free cakes for a lot of my friends and family’s birthdays and that is how i practised and gained confidence, and through word of mouth I started getting my orders.

. What services/products does your business provide?

  • i cater to a range of customised delectable cakes, chocolate fudge brownies, mousse bowls, cake pops, as well as corporate orders/hampers as per the client’s budget.
    I provide an option to the clients to mix and match ideas, reference images- in short a completely customizable cake from scratch.
    i also cater to festival and special ocassion hampers, be it valentines day, mothers days or “just like that” hampers.
    My products have travelled far and wide across different states in India and nothing makes me happier to see the joy on the customers face.

. How do you market your products/services?

  • my product marketing is mainly through word of mouth, and leveraging through social media platforms like Instagram and facebook.

. What strategies have proven successful for your business since you started?

  • being consistent in my product quality delivery has been the key to retaining customers.

What has been your biggest business challenge to date and how did you overcome it?

  • every business has its ups and downs,but each situation always has a lesson to be learnt.
    Customers who haggle had initially been a challenge since i was still trying to make my place in a market that was oversaturated. However, with time, ive learnt that my time and expertise is what makes me unique and hence led me to cater to the cream of the crowd only! What are some of your favourite business tools (technical or otherrise) that have helped with managing your business?
  • Ensuring a consistent quality product , leveraging through social media,keeping myself updated with the latest trends etc are some of my favourite tools.

What important lesson have you learned from your business journey that you would like to share with our private community?

  • Be yourself always & never stop chasing your dreams. Learning is a continous process and there is never a shortcut.Ups and downs are a part of life and its upto you to allow it to make you or break you!Never compromise on your values and hardwork as sky is only a limit!

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