Sheena D’cunha


I’m a 18 years old professional hula hoop artist, Entrepreneur, teacher and student. Currently I’m pursuing my BSC in fashion and apparel design, in JD school of design goa. I have started my hula hooping journey during the lockdown 2023, ever since there no stepping back. I have been teaching my art form to kids and adults across the country and world. I have trained over 6000+ students ever since. I believe that age has no boundaries and one can accomplish anything that they wish to with work hard and dedication.

About The Brand

This brand (HOOPANOVA) came into existence in 2021. I have completed over 1000+ orders over the globe. People have been enjoying this new art form of hula hooping. From excercise routine to party games. Hula hoops always take things to next level. We offer workshops, professional performances, hula hoops ect. 


“Haward’s world record.
Recently i have achieved the Haward’s world record in the most number of hula hoop rotations on a headbun and waist simultaneously for 3 mintues which was conducted on a global platform. I was also featured on 4 news papers and 3 tv news
Channels for my achievement.
In NCC i represented goa and Karnataka for the republic day parade in Delhi in 2020.”

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