Dviti Bhalla

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The questions are as follows:


What is the story behind your business (how did the business come about?)
I passed my B.com from Mumbai University in the year 1997. I did my Bharatnatyam Argantrem in 1993. I am always creative from my childhood and love to explore the places, paintings and dancing. Also liked the fragrances.
Anything I used to touch, first thing I uses to was to smell it. Four years back when I left the working for television I started soap making. My aunt thought me basic and than I did various kind of courses in Haircare, skincare , bath products, Aroma Therapy from different institutes.

. What services/products does your business provide?
All the products are made with the love & natural ingredients. We use herbs, cold process oil, various butter, Essential oil, Glycerites etc. We focus on bath luxury, skin care and hair care products.

. How do you market your products/services?
Since my business is self-funded, I use social platforms to push my products. I rely on word of mouth as well as my network of women entrepreneurs.

. What strategies have proven successful for your business since you started?
I wanted my products to have my values. I wanted them to Honest and real. I wanted to be natural and quality products. I use all my products on my family and then I push them into market. I listen. I listen to the feedback, suggestions, comments and continuously working on to improve the product. I strongly believe in customer service and ensure that I hold on to my commitment to my suppliers and customers. I have no question ask return policy and luckily, no order has been returned yet by suppliers or customers.

What has been your biggest business challenge to date and how did you overcome it?
I wanted to built a honest and hence quality was the key to make it honest as my focus was natural
Ingredients. So when i stated the business it was quite difficult to find some ingredients Amd trusted vendor or manufacturer for the same. I had to do lot of R&D for the first year to launch my first product.

What are some of your favourite business tools (technical or otherrise) that have helped with managing your business?
I rather say people who have help me manage my business. I was guided by right set of friends who helped me with raw material sourcing, technical processes, manufacturing process, packaging ideas, and how to manage the social media pages. I ‘m blessed with set of family and friends who ensured that I succeed.

What important lesson have you learned from your business journey that you would like to share with our private community?
Be Honest :
Honest with yourself, with your product, with your process and with your customers and vendors. It will not be easy, but when you find the right set of people , you will have no choice but to succeed.

Have patience :
It looks easy when you start , but you need patience to make the right products. You need to invest lot of time to make a honest product.

Never Give Up:
There are moments, when everything will go wrong, no one will believe in you. You continue to believe in yourself and keep walking towards your dream.it usually comes true for people who never give up.

Thanks so much and I very much look forward to hear it from you.

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