Apurva Sarvesh

I am Mrs. Apurva Sarvesh Parulekar.
In 2014, I launched my own small venture called Art Galore by Appy. I make various type of art and craft related products like watercolour paintings, mandala art, brush pen calligraphy, cards, albums, gift boxes, scrapbooks, gift tags, envelopes etc. We also provide gift hampers according to clients requirement which includes Premium Handcrafted Chocolates and Soaps.

I used to make cards and other gift items for family and friends from childhood but I had never looked at it as a profession. When I was in College Friends and family started taking cards and other items from me to gift to their loved ones though they were very simple and basic. This encouraged me and then my journey started. Crafting makes me happy and satisfied. The love for crafting led me to take it as a profession. I never attended any course or workshop and everything what I have learnt is Self Taught.

Facebook, Instagram, recommendations from family and friends has helped me alot in growing.

When I started in 2014, I had very little knowledge about the products available, pricing system and how the market functions. Also as only basic crafting materials were available in Goa at that time, I had to source all the materials from outside Goa and abroad. But I still ensured that my clients are satisfied with the products and that too at the most reasonable rate without compromising the quality of the product. It is a tough job but giving best quality is our main motto. Now with online shopping sites and various Facebook and Instagram stores it’s very easy to source whatever we need.

The important thing is belief and trust in self. We have to constantly keep ourselves motivated and have to be prepared to create something new and unique. Ideas, Creativity, Self Confidence and determination are key factors according to my experience in this field.

Family support is very important in this und of business. By God’s grace, I am blessed with a wonderful family. In my success, My Husband Sarvesh Parulekar has an equal share. Without his support and encouragement this was impossible. My in-laws, my parents, my family and friends have constantly supported and encouraged me and without them it was impossible.

I just would like to add it here. If you want something you need to keep on working for it. Patience is the key in anything you do. Just give your 100% in whatever you do and you will definitely fly higher and higher ❤️

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